Roman de Amalie Skram traduit en anglais par Aileen Hennes.

Femme sur canapé et hublot. Betrayed Amalie Skram couverture édition Pandora

Amalie Skram was a contemporary of Henrik Ibsen. She was also the kind of woman of which he wrote. She describes from the inside what Nora and the others went through.

«Betrayed» is a novel about the marriage of a seacaptain to a young and inexperienced girl. She literally leaves the nursery on her wedding day to depart on a voyage with her husband. Their first port of call is London where the seediness of the life her husband has lived becomes apparent to her. She demands from him an explicit account of his life and previous loves. He digs his own grave in supplying her demand.
Who is actually betrayed in this novel is ambiguous and this is the great feat of Amalie Skram. Unlike her heroine, Aurora, she does not lay the blame on the man, but rather on a hypocritical society.

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