Travail littéraire.

Nouvelles, poèmes, essais, articles de presse, traduction du Norvégien vers l’anglais et inversement.

Mes centres d’intérêts sont les nouvelles, le journalisme écologique, des auteurs Norvégiens que j’ai traduis…

Retrouvez ci dessous quelques uns de mes écrits, puis ma bibliographie complète.

Short Stories :


« Graffiti » – reflections of an imprisoned graffiti artist. Won 1st prize for short story in the George Moore Literary Competition in Ireland in 1995. Published in Western People (1995). Published also in Der Universale Maschine – a German multilingual transavantgarde magazine – Berlin 2001 (English)


« Conditions needed by the Soul » – A portrait of Dr. Ferren MacIntyre – alias ‘Pathfinder’ – on a visit to the the Cévennes with his soulmate ‘Mac’… (English)


« An ear for an ear » – a nun on crusade against bullfighters.
Published 1994 in « Kvinnejournalen » – Norwegian title: »Matadorens tapte øre ». Norwegian/English


« Full Moon over Berlin » – reflections on life by an orangutan in the Berlin Zoo. Won 1st prize for short story in the George Moore Literary Awards in Ireland 2001. Published in « Western People ». (English)


« Furbie & Tyger » – a circus visits a French village – (English)


« Reincarnation » – musings of a battery hen. Published in ‘Noah’s Ark’ 1992. English/Norwegian.


« Under a helm Cloud » – Dankert Nilsen from Strandgaten shuffles around Bergen in a bitter depression…. (English)


« Banan i matpakken » English title: « The lunchtime banana »– a watchmaker’s midlife crisis. ( Norwegian)


« Ti rette, én feil » English title : « The Lottery » – a child’s own choice of uncle. (Norwegian )


“Kall meg Angelique” – A prostitute remembers her first customer. (Norwegian)

Children’s stories :


« The Woodcutter & the Bear » – a brown bear escapes from the zoo and meets Felix the wood-cutter…

Illustrations by the author. (English. French translation by Oleg Michel Tkathouk)


« And something with which Napoleon did not reckon… » – the beggar Lazarillo gets caught up in a plot to steal Napoleon’s Constitution for Spain. Three dimensional Cut-Out Historical Story/Art-Book done in co-operation with Ole Bendik Madsø (artwork).


A Novel :


« The Expedition. A Chronicle. »

Synopsis: In1863, Annanias Duckert, a Norwegian businessman, naturalist and early Darwinist, sets out on an expedition to the Congo in order to catch animals for a zoological garden he plans to donate to his home town. His wife Alhed is left in charge of the family business, which she and the elderly factotum Mr. Blyth manage together.

The expedition shipwrecks in the ‘Chaudron d’Enfer’ on the Congo River but Annanias does not return home. There is not a trace of him, not even a rumour, until he shows up in Marseille three years later accompanied by a gorilla. His friend, the french photographer Aimable Porée invites him to stay in his home Castel Chalabran, on the Mediterreanen coast close to Cassis, where his wife joins him.

Backdrop: A Europe at the time when Museums of Natural History & Zoological Gardens were in – variously – their prime and infancy. Those that assembled them. Their different motivations. My characters move in these circles in Norway, Britain and France.

The Congo – in the 1860ies – i.e. before Stanley, Brazza, Leopold – still largely unchartered territory although already heavily exploited. French, Germans, Portugese, Dutch and English had permanent Stations along the river. Scandinavian sailors were employed there by the hundreds; as rubber, timber, ivory, diamonds, cobolt, spices, etc. became market goods in Europe and the States.

The trade in animals: dead and alive – for venues as various as circuses, medical laboratories, private collections of curiosa, museums, zoos, private menageries was

picking up. By the second half of the twentieth century this trade was so

lucrative that only the traffic in drugs surpassed it.

(Original text in Norwegian, not yet published)

A play :


« Once briefly they were glad to be gay » – sit-com on the theme of an old gay couple’s new found, but short lived sense of wellbeing.

Performed in 1988 by Torill Havrevoll, Kim Haugen and Adolf Bjerke at ‘Det Åpne Teater’ – theatre workshop – Oslo. (English)


Articles & Essays :


« THE WHALE PROTECTION LAW OF 1904 » – the history of whaling in the Barent Sea at the turn on the century that led to revolt by the local fishermen in Finnmark. Published in the University of Amsterdam sea mammal data base – 1994, in Noahs Ark/Oslo and in The Animal Welfare Institute Quarterly, Washington D.C. 1994. (Norwegian & English)


« Den nye arken » English title : « The new Ark » – an appraisal of the role of modern zoos. Specifically the members of The World Zoo Conservation Strategy. Published in 1995 in »Noah’s Ark ». (Norwegian)


« The Fundamental Hunt » – methods of suppression of protest against Norwegian sealing and whaling, culminating in the arson attack on the home of the author. Published 1995 in « BBC Wildlife Magazine » (English)


« One year after Erika » – the cleaning up after a major oilspill. How

environmentally sound is it? Published 2001 in « The New Internationalist » Canada, under the title: « Brittany’s black seas » and same year in KLASSEKAMPEN/Norway. Photos by Ole Bendik Madsø.



« Christen Smith og den hemmelighetsfulle vei innad »

Biographical essay on the life of Christen Smith, Norway’s first professor of botany at Oslo’s Museum of Natural History. He travelled & botanised extensively in Scandinavia, on the British Isles as well as on the Canary Isles where he went with his close friend, the German geologist Leopold von Buch, on the instigation of Sir Joseph Banks. The latter also sent him on his last journey; an expedition to the Congo – under the direction of Captain Tuckey R.N. – where he died in 1816 at thirty years of age. His collection of plants from that trip – some 800 specimens – all went to the Kew Gardens.

Published in « Nytt Norsk Tidsskrift » nr.1/2003. (Norwegian and English)


Interviews :


Interview with Jane Goodall on chimpanzees –

Interview with Sonia Løchen on her life as an activist –

Interview with Paul Wodzak alias ‘Mango’ on being a fruitcake –

Interview with Walter Hendy on horses –

All published as a series in « Noah’s Ark » 1992/93


Translations :


« Betrayed » by Amalie Skram : from Norwegian into English.

Norwegian title « Forraadt ». Published in 1986 in UK & USA by

Pandora Press / Routlegde&Keegan Paul


« My friend Ms.Whiskers » by Henry Oddlo Erichsen: from Norwegian into English. Published as part of « Soul of the Seal » by Dr.Ferren MacIntyre.


Odd Freddy Lindberg’s 1988 govnt. inspector’s report from the sealhunt : from Norwegian into English. Version used by International Fund for Animal Welfare, Greenpeace and Fondation Brigitte Bardot.


Two short stories by Patricia Highsmith : from English into Norwegian. Published in « Noahs Ark ».